Friday, August 21, 2015

28mm Wars of the Roses - Slow progress....

Hi All,

This is another side project that I've put another week or so of time into. Taken me about 2 years to get to this stage!

I've just finished 12 stands of mounted knights and thought it was enough for a decent group shot. Probably overkill on the mounted knights but they look pretty cool. Part of the process was replacing all the lances. Nothing sadder than seeing heavy knights with stumpy and bendy lances!

Most of the figures I've picked up second hand and repaired and repainted. I like the idea of reconditioning old figures and giving them new life. I particularly like the old Grenadier 'Fantasy Warriors' human range that fits WoTR really well. There are also some old Foundry/Citadel and Essex figures.

I need a few command stands and some more infantry and it should be enough for a modest Lancastrian army for 'To the Strongest' rules.

My trusty camera pooped itself after one photo so I had to use the phone camera for these...




  1. Awesome sight of gorgeous painted figures/units - most impressive looking army - marvelous!


  2. Great looking army - I do like all of the makers too - Essex really makes me think of Front Rank.

  3. They look beautiful! Great work!

  4. An impressive array! The colours are marvellous...