Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It is with the deepest regret that I have to sadly announce the passing away of Craig Pearse, the founder, inspiration, heart and soul of Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers. Craig died yesterday suddenly. Craig was a very close personal friend. He was one of life's true gentlemen and a passionate maker and collector of toy soldiers. I and everyone who knew him will miss him greatly. His memory though will live on in the hundreds and hundreds of beautiful toy soldiers that he has made available for his ever growing legion of collectors around the world. Vale Craig, the world has lost a fine man.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

Here are some Eureka 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion figures I have just painted. I have had a dozen or so of these fellows for about two years and have only now painted them. They are extremely well done figures, very nicely sculpted and with exceptionally well done weapons. Vive La Legion!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

54mm Ancient Gauls/Britons

Here are the latest of my 54mm Celts. All the figures are metal except for the Druid which is a plastic Mokarex Coffee figure from the 1960s. Mokarex made a vast range of historical miniatures as give aways with their Coffee. The miniatures are mostly 56mm or so and fit in very nicely with many metal figures. When there are enough Celts they will take on my 54mm Romans.That should be a spectacular game for sure.

Monday, December 5, 2011

28mm Modern USMC

I have just finished painting a batch of about twenty 28mm Modern USMC from Black Scorpion Miniatures. I have had these figures for quite some time and painted a couple then put the rest aside - you know how it is, too many figures not enough time.... Recently I started to play around with the modern warfare Force on Force rules and have had a few games. I have also just received a copy of Iron Ivan's 'Point Blank' modern skirmish rules and want to give them a go. So now there is an incentive to finally finish off the Marines, and here they are.