Saturday, June 23, 2012

28mm SYW Russians by Mick

Haven't posted here in a while so thought I would share some of my SYW Russian project. This is one brigade of two completed infantry brigades. Just need to finish some more guns and command to round it out.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Painting horses...

this a topic close to hearts of many who read this  blog
so I choose to add this link for  those who read deeply, and paint horses as well..
In my never very humble opinion it is the best guide I have come the blog manner it reads  last post first but such a worthy piece of work!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roman Auxilia Homemade Shield design

Here a couple of quick snaps of my latest homemade shield decal. I am painting up Legio XXX Uplia Victrix whose shields carried Neptune's trident and dolphin motifs. I have pretty well finished the legionaries, pictures of which have been previously posted here, and now am beginning to work on the Auxiliaries for the Legion. I needed to make a shield design for the Auxilia so sat down with MS Paint and produced what you see here. I then carefully sized it to the size of the 28mm model shields (Black Tree Designs), printed it and bingo it worked! I am very happy with this shield. This is the first figure I tried it with and there will be quite a few to follow.

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Wintercon 2012 was held in Canberra over the June Long Weekend. Attendance was good and there were many gamers involved in various tournaments. There were also some great participation games including a magnificent 55 Days at Peking game and a great Zulu Wars game. For two days at the Con the Boxers and their allies tried to get into the Foreign Legations but were prevented from doing so although the fighting became desperate at one stage. Five Zulu games were run with the Impi destroying the British twice and the British managing to survive three times although with greatly reduced numbers. Here are photos of the Peking and the Zulu games.