Sunday, April 27, 2014


On Friday we played the next game in the dark ages campaign we are playing. This was a battle between Robert and Percy two Lords in the campaign who have been waging war against each other since the campaign began. The figures were 28mm - a mix of brands, the rules are homegrown. Here are some photos from the game. Above is the battlefield.
Mother Muggles farm was a feature of the battlefield - don't touch her sheep or chickens.

The armies line up on both sides of the table.

Movement begins.
Combat starts with an attack on the flank of Percy's army.

While fighting rages on the far flank the rest of both armies continue to move towards each other.
Fighting begins in the center of the line.

Percy (John) moves his brave lads forward.
In the center of the battle the fight is fierce around Robert and his personal standard.

The Gods laugh at the foolishness of humanity.

Robert is slain and his personal banner captured.
Robert's army flees the field.
Percy gathers his banners in the sacred stone circle at the end of the battle - amongst the banners is the captured personal skull standard of Robert.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I have been steadily working through my pile of lead and painted these three minis recently. The first is a Gripping Beast mini holding a GW Warhammer skull standard. This figure will play a role in the ongoing Dark Ages campaign we are playing. The skull standard is a feature of one of the Warlords in the campaign. I think that the combination of the GW standard and GB mini works well.
This is a Reaper mini of the Mighty Thor. A nice imposing mini that captures Thor's persona well.
Another Reaper mini - this one of Hercules. A good stand alone mini who can play the role of a champion in our campaign.
All three minis together.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Here are the 28mm Neanderthals from North Star Miniatures. These are beautiful figures, superbly sculpted and they really capture the essence of the subject. The moment they arrived in the mail I just had to paint them, and here they are!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Viking

Started exactly a week ago. 68 figures in 3 large units.54 points worth on the table!!! These are  the not so enthusiastic end of the army and finish what is around 400 points worth .Quite the  mass of figures and difficult to photograph in one sitting .These are all GB plastics bar one.Though there are a lot of Wagames factory shield , which I rather like. The bases are  Vallejo brown sand texture mix, dry brush with desert sand,Noch  static grass, some of which didn't blow off all that well, Noch tufts and Silfor ground cover.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Here are some photos from the games we played on Sunday. The first of the photos are from a game I ran which is part of an ongoing dark ages campaign set in a mythical continent. This battle was between two Great Lords Percy and Robert for control of a land called Thun. The figures are 28mm and the rules we used are my own. In the picture above John, who was playing Lord Percy moves some of his figures.
Percy and Robert's warriors advance against each other.
The right wing of Percy's army crashes into the left wing of Robert's army. The remainder of both armies glower at each other.
 Lord Robert stands resolute on his hilltop.
One brave warrior of Percy fights against multiple attacks from the warriors of Robert. this brave fellow held out for two turns before enemy numbers finally overwhelmed him.
 The hand of fate hovers over the battle field 
directing the fortunes of all those it touches.
One of Robert's warriors awaiting the onslaught of Percy's legions.
Robert's warriors rush down from the hilltop
and a savage battle ensues.

There is that hand again - directing the fate of the warriors
as the fight for the hill rages.

Proof that there are giants who play games with us mere mortals!
After some very hard fighting Percy finally captures the hilltop and drives the remnants of Robert's army from the field. It was a very hard fought battle which could have gone either way.
Here are some of the other games being played. This was a very impressive looking 15mm game of Frederick the Greats battle of Zorndorf using Blackpowder rules.
 A wonderful 28mm Hail Caesar game in which the Seleucids took on the Galatians. Beautiful figures and lots of them.