Friday, February 10, 2017

Citadel and Back Tree Dwarf Army

Hi All,

This was a project that I was plugging away at for a while.

It was fun collecting and restoring many of the old models. I took advantage a while back with a Black Tree Design sale to pick up some extra models that are compatible in style at a fraction of the price. That said, there are a lot of rarer and collectible units and characters in the army.

I hope the fans of dwarves will enjoy the images and discover a few old favourites in here.

Comments are welcome as usual.


The Army
King Thorgrim GrudgeBearer and the Slayer King
Another angle. Had to print flags from the web and paint them to make them bright and vibrant.
Felix and Gotrek characters
White Dwarf, White dwarf and BT Dwarf Wizard
Another shot of King Thorgrim
Anvil of Doom. Flags were the same process of printing and repainting.
Normally you get 2 Anvil Guards. I did 6!
Dwarf Slayer Champion - Old school
Wall of stunty regiments
First Thunderer unit
Second Thunderer unit
BT Guns. I'm pleased with how the lighter flames came out.
Dwarf Slayers 1 - So much character
Dwarf Slayers 2 - mostly different poses
Bugman's Rangers! Same process as above for the banners
Prince Ulther's Dragon Company - a famous unit. I went a bit creative with the flags and shield designs.
BT Hammerers (with GW fill in) - Nice figures and I merged some old GW banner designs into this unique version.
Second Hammerer unit - again with GW fill ins.
A flame cannon that I didn't get around to finishing.