Tuesday, July 26, 2016

35mm Marshal and ADC

 The latest in my 35mm collection, a Marshal and his ADC.

Buffalo Hunt

I found ten of these Bison at a flea market last week and could not resist painting them. They are just the right size for my 40mm Indians.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Big Fat Ancient Persian Army - Part 2 : Infantry and Mercenaries

Many of the infantry are relatively old and have had figures added to complete units as I've changed my mind over the years.
700 figures later.

Yes, it took me years to complete, on and off. After a bit of break from painting Persians, I'm able to appreciate looking at them with fresh eyes again...
You can see I'm not scared to use bright colours if I felt like it. Again, a variety of manufacturers are represented. Because I wanted to have a fair bit of flexibility with the army, there are lots of options for allies and earlier and later period units. But really, no one really seems to care if I'm out by a couple of hundred years at times.
They are split into 3 main categories. The elite corps; as the backbone of the infantry. They are only average, solid troops when compared to most of the Greek City State citizen-soldiers. The Sparabara; as the meat and potatoes units. Little more than a road bump against a phalanx but the archery can disrupt an attack. The Levy; the rabble and unreliable allies which mainly just to the bulk rather than utility.
I hope that people interested in this period can draw some inspiration from these photos and get some ideas for painting. My theory was to create a theme for each unit to create the variety and colour for the army as a whole. My assumption is that at the start of a campaign most contingents would have been dressed in a similar fashion.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
 The elites (in relative terms)
Later Immortals/imitation hoplites/Kardakes 
Imitation hoplites/Kardakes  
Greek mercenary Hoplites - Black Tree Design. Foundry Command
Got most of these second hand and tried to keep the shield designs and added a few highlights 
More Greek mercenary Hoplites - Foundry with LBM shield transfers 
Egyptian Marines - Eureka - one of the last units added. The shields hide most of figures but gives them a reasonably solid appearance.
Phrygian axemen by Old Glory - one of those 'must have' units 
Some leftover 1st Corps Greeks in there as well.
Detail photo 
Another angle 
And another 
 The "come and get me" wall of Sparabara
I can plonk these down in any open terrain and hopefully break up Greek attacks 
From the other side - nice colour variety without overdoing it (I think) 
One of the first Persian units I painted. Had some retouches to keep them looking good. I remember feeling pleased with the leopard skin on the commanders cloak
From the other side 
Another one of the 'originals' - 10 years later the rear rank of archers were added 
Newline (SHQ) Spara unit. I quite like them 
 Another original unit. Good old Foundry models
A newer unit. I like this colour scheme. 
Some Foundry Spara with 1st Corps archers 
Unit number 8 are the odd ones out. They can fill in as whatever I need them to be
 A large unit of archers skirmishing
A smaller unit 
1st Corps slingers. Nice figures. 
 A mish-mash unit of left over archers
 Mercenary staff slingers - not sure if they are exactly historically correct but they seem to fit
2nd unit of staff slingers 
Some detail from the rear 
More detail 
 A nice look at one of my favourite Spara units
The levy infantry  
 Some different angles
 Newline (SHQ) levy unit 1
Newline (SHQ) levy unit 2 
1st Corps levy 1 (13 years old) paint jobs are a bit tired but still ok
1st Corps levy 2 (13 years old)  
Some Foundry/Casting Room miniatures. Made them look a bit fancy. 
Some old figures. I painted 4 more last year to make a small unit 
Like the previous image. 4 figures added and leftover shield transfers to make another small unit 
 1st Corps Immortals. They get used as Medes for later period games.
Some Foundry Immortals making up the numbers.
Same as the unit above. Different paint scheme and all 1st Corps figures
Javelin-armed skirmishers. Forgot to add them in the Sparabara photo. Newline figures
Old Glory and Newline Injuns. Spearmen, a refurbished 2nd hand unit. 
Like above, but obviously longbowmen. A valuable allied unit. 
More angles 
 More angles 
Some detailed pictures 
 Some detailed pictures
 Some detailed pictures
I like this photo.