Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fi, Fimir, Fo, Fum - Classic Citadel Chaos - for fun

I've been collecting these wacky dudes for about 2 years. Trying to pick up figures here and there to build up a raiding-party size force. I really didn't know much about these but they passed the 'hmm, interesting' test.

My main aim was to collect at least one of each of old metal range. Not wanting to pay through the nose, I've taken my time and I think I've managed it (I didn't consider the limited edition version because it is a bit small). The remaining figures are the good old HeroQuest board game plastic figures that aren't too hard to find and make up the numbers.

After much thought I decided green skin was suitable for the fighty types and brown skin for the magic characters. Definitely a nice change and a chance to practice painting techniques I don't normally use.

I kept to my usual basing style as I'm not much into skulls and things. All on 40mm square magbases from Shogun. Not a fan of the original GW bases.

Hope you like the photos.
Overall look at the raiders
Witch-hag Meargh with her ancient wrinkles and cold blue eye
3 Fianna Fimm - elite warriors
Fimm warriors make up most of the ogre-sized force
Red eyes on the Fimm give away their blood lust
More angles of the Fianna Fimm with bone hard tail-maces
Fimir Nobles - well armed and armoured and nasty up close
Magic trio. Two green-eyed Dirach mages flank the powerful Meargh
Smooth tails are a give away of their non-fighter status

Sunday, July 26, 2015

28mm Napoleonic Russian Kuirassiers

Here are the first two of my 28mm Russian Kuirassiers. I have painted the Lifeguard Rgt ca.1812. These were the fellows who captured a French Eagle at Austerlitz. The minis are Front Rank Miniatures. I have about twenty more of them waiting for the paint brush.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

28mm Russian Napoleonic

Just started on a long delayed project - waiting many years. Finally become serious about painting a 28mm Russian Napoleonic army. Here is the first batch of minis completed today. The minis are Front Rank.

Friday, July 3, 2015

28mm Achaemenid Persian additions

Hi All,

I've managed to take some photos of my expanding ancient Persian army.

Definitely a challenge in 28mm! I'm working on more units at the moment and tidying up old paintjobs so I expect to keep this up for a few more months.

You are looking at Command groups with a 'Great King' Chariot. Scythed chariots, Skirmisher group, Light infantry group and Heavy infantry group. The latter have Greek mercenaries and imitation hoplites/Kardakes.

Figures are a variety of Foundry, Newline, 1st Corps, Old Glory and Black Tree Design. Even a Minifig guy on one command base. Bases are nearly all from Shogun.

Hope you like the photos.


28mm Garibaldi and his Red Shirts

Here is Garibaldi and his Red Shirts. My Garibaldi figure needed some Red Shirts to command. These are Gringo 40 minis.