Friday, July 3, 2015

28mm Achaemenid Persian additions

Hi All,

I've managed to take some photos of my expanding ancient Persian army.

Definitely a challenge in 28mm! I'm working on more units at the moment and tidying up old paintjobs so I expect to keep this up for a few more months.

You are looking at Command groups with a 'Great King' Chariot. Scythed chariots, Skirmisher group, Light infantry group and Heavy infantry group. The latter have Greek mercenaries and imitation hoplites/Kardakes.

Figures are a variety of Foundry, Newline, 1st Corps, Old Glory and Black Tree Design. Even a Minifig guy on one command base. Bases are nearly all from Shogun.

Hope you like the photos.



  1. Great work Mick, you have some lovely units there, particularly like the scythed chariots!

  2. Lovely units Mick, colors are fantastic, as are the shields and these amazing chariots...most impressive!

  3. Thanks!
    Those chariots look pretty but are very hit or miss in games. Nice to have, though.

    I can't take credit for the handpainted hoplite shields. Got those Black Tree figures 2nd hand and I rebased them and repainted most of them and touched up the shield designs. They were too good to paint over. I used the chunky, but effective looking BTD hoplons to complete the unit.

    The other 2 units have 1st Corps hoplons and LBM transfers.

  4. Amazingly wonderful army and top notch brushwork!
    The shield detailing is especially jaw-droppingly outstanding.

    Beautiful spectacle.

  5. lovely painted miniatures/units - I also like the Chariots - awesome work!


  6. Wonderful Persians, Mick. Very, very impressive.

  7. Thank you all again.
    I'll keep you updated with the progress.

  8. Amazing looking figures, great job!