Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here is Theoden King of Rohan from The Lord of the Rings, by Mithril. Mithril have been around for a long while and have always made very nice miniatures. They make a vast range of Lord of the Rings offerings and were the first company to do so in a serious way, predating by many years the later GW offerings.

Monday, June 27, 2011

28mm Napoleonic Austrian Artillery

Foundry Austrian Artillery battery for your viewing.
This was a fun project to paint and came out as well as I could have hoped.
The bases are custom made by Litko which have cut away sections so I could put individually based gunners into the slots. They are magnetised and quite stable for normal handling. Again, these worked out well and I think this is how I'll do the artillery from now on.
Anyhoo - hope you enjoy the photos.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Here is a 54mm Landsknecht figure which was made by Hinchcliffe.  It came in 4 parts.  It was a fun figure to paint mainly because I could use colours that normally sit in the paint box and don't see the light of day too much!  It has been a enjoyable diversion form the horde of Normans that I have been painting up lately.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Grey Rider

Here is a character that might be familiar to some.  I bought this figure because I really like the horse- plenty of character and I thought it could make a fantastic steed for a dark ages hero.  Unbeknown to me, the wizard on top of it was part of the two part casting and difficult to separate from the mount.  So I painted him up anyway.  I wasn't too happy with the staff and thought if I could swap it with a spear he might look a bit more intimidating and warlike. I toyed with painting in different colours, but I really wanted to see if I could pull off painting a figure in predominantly grey shades.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is a 54mm Toy Soldiers of San Diego plastic figure I painted a couple of years ago. TSSD make some very nice figures and a good range of WW2 subjects which, as well as the Russians, include Germans, some of which I have posted here in the past, USMC and Japanese. These are excellent figures for skirmish gaming or just painting to admire.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pappenheim Cavalry and command

It was fun painting the blue roans..

all Eureka 28mm Saxons, painted by me for Akula, flags by the ever talented David of NBA

Garde du Corp


Die Blauen Ritter, Dragoons 

commander in his Reich's Lt-generals uniform 

Cavalry commander

Saturday, June 11, 2011

WSS 28 collection for sale

I know it is a bit grubby to mention shop keeper sort of stuff on a venerable blog such as this but in this case the spectacular nature of the  collection for sale  tends to transcend the grubbiness of it all ..

The Army for sale and all it encompasses

Thursday, June 9, 2011

28mm Eureka Cossacks

8 x Eureka 1799 Cossacks I picked up from CanCon this year. I think they are the Ural Cossacks.
These are decent poses and easy to paint but, to me, are expensive for basic figures. They will be a small unit of irregulars to harass the French invaders.
Didn't get time to finish the flocking on two of them but you get the idea.
The pennants are from Cossack designs I found on the interwebs and scaled down. It was very hard not to paint little stars and moons on the purple tunic of the leader figure...

28mm Austrian Uhlans

More from my Napoleonic Austrian project.
1st Uhlans in a 16 figure regiment.
Foundry figures, which come up well.
Also they are on Shogun steel movement trays which I like.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Here are some Artizan Miniatures Medieval Moors.
Nice figures which have a lot of character.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lord and Lady have come to view the spectacle!

Here is the beginnings of my ECW camp for my army.  The Lord and his good lady have kindly come down from the manor to see the Kings good men dispense some royal justice!  No day out in the countryside would be complete without bringing your favorite spaniel.  Of course, you couldn't walk it yourself- so that is why the kennel-boy is on hand.   The figures are made by Redoubt, who have a varied range of character and vignettes from this period.  The clothes on these figures were lovely to paint.  The only detraction was an unsightly cast line across her face, which was hard to clean up. 

Khisanth- the black dragon

Here is a bit of a diversion from my usual painting themes.  Khisanth is a dragon from the Dragonlance series of books and games. It is made by Ral Partha and in my opinion come from a time when some of that companies finest figures are made.  They are detailed and animated and are great fun to paint. I really like the way this dragon has a 'serpent like' appearance.  Apologies for the photo- it is hard to photograph the black accurately.

The original artwork on which the model is based

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here are some 28mm Tupi - Copplestone I think - which I painted up a while ago. Nice clean figures and certainly something different from the usual.