Sunday, December 30, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

ECW Warlord Dragoons

Warlord make some great ECW figures in their metal range and the Dragoons box set are no exception.  They are require assembly for the plastic horses and there are plenty of options for hats.  The figures have plenty of detail, carrying lanterns, rabbits and other paraphernalia.  Even if you are not into this period- they are a great fun to paint and worth the money! There are mounted and unmounted troops to offer more flexibility on the gaming table. 

Napoleonic Chess Set

Here are some pictures of a project that has been on the slow burn for some time.  I purchased a set of Prince August Napoleonic Chess set moulds from eBay some time ago.  It can be risky buying moulds second hand sometimes as you don't know how much they have been used.  Turns out that these had been used a bit. I would recommend buying new to save a lot of grief from Moulds at the end of their life can be a bit less reliable in their casting and it can take multiple tries to get a figure will all the detail required. Determined to get a set cast, I persevered.  The British side was cast and painted first.  Later I begun the French and ran into frustration casting Josephine and the two knights.  When I finally got decent casts, I placed them in the 'to do' box and moved on to other projects.  The Christmas break is a a great time to tie up loose ends and motivation to complete the set prevailed.  Now that I have finished, I am quite pleased with the result.  Both sides look good all together and will provide hours of entertainment. This is the fourth Prince August Chess set I have completed and I'm wondering which will be my next!

Wooden boxes with glass window found at the local 'reject' shop provide the perfect case when fitted out with foam inserts

Both sides boxed

The French

Close up of the Pawns (Imperial Guard)

The Glory boys- the Rook, Knight and Bishop

Close up of Napoleon (King), Josephine (Queen) and a bishop

The British

Close up of the Pawns

The Rook, Knight and Bishop

A picture of the knight, Bishop, Wellington and the Mrs!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Here are my Zulus prepping for their big 
three days at CanCon in January 13.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here is my latest Reaper figure - painted yesterday. This one will do well as the leader of the cultists guarding the tomb which my Viking war band want to rob.

 Here is Olaf one member of that brave -and greedy- war band. Another Reaper figure. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


 The Latest addition to my Viking warband. Beorn the Mighty - a very nice Reaper figure.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bolt Action Cromwell

for my mate Dazza..It would look nicer with decals and one day we will get to that .he promised!


Baron Munchhausen

Freiherr Hieronymus Carl Friedrich vonv Munchausen(Munchhausen) at the head of his regiment of hussars, and fine fellows they look.

Eureka Saxons, except for the Baron who is a Eureka "I don't know from which"  range..

Pirate women

not women pirates!!1 Old Glory 28s

Sir George Cholmondeley-Featherstonehaugh,

and his Irish wolfhound,Clontarf.
Rather old  1st edition Front Rank saved from the garbage bin..literally.

Vikings, for Impetus, 28mm

A mix of Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast plastics, often with bits from  each  on the one figure.Extra hair by me and my pyragrauve.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here is Brother Brian the terror of all unbelievers and heretics. Brian first appeared in a medieval campaign some buddies and I ran thirty years ago set in the mythical realm of Neustria. Brian led an army of peasants against the corrupt Lords who ruled the lands and made a thorough pest of himself. Eventually Brian was assailed by all the Lords around him and he retreated into the mountains where he established a stronghold called Brion. From there his acolytes launched raids against the evil that Brian preached had ensnared the outside world. The campaign has been resurrected briefly a few times over the years and Brian is still a feature of it. Legend has it that Brian is still in his mountain fastness, awaiting the time when he will lead his avenging disciples down into the valleys to cleanse the world of corruption and those who have strayed from the true path. The figure is a Reaper figure and great one it is too. The golden hand on the staff is the symbol of Brian. It refers to an incident in the early campaign when a city was at the point of being overrun by enemies and a monk named Edmund ran forward, severed his left hand and threw it at the invaders. The players who were defending the city then drew one card from a full deck of cards to see if they survived. The card they had to draw to survive was the two of hearts - and they did! It was a miracle - truly - and the invading hordes fled in terror. Since that day the severed left hand of Edmund became the symbol of Brian and is carried at the head of his hosts when they sally out to do battle.   

Saturday, December 1, 2012


 Here are some photos of the Hail Caesar game we played on Friday night. The battle was between a Viking host that had been trapped with its back to the sea and a vengeful Carolingian Frank army closing in for the kill. The Vikings needed to defend their ships.
 Here is the Viking host lined up with their ships on the beach behind them. The long ships are beautiful hand crafted models made for me by a fellow I know. They are real works of art.
 The table with the Frankish army closest to the camera.
 The Frankish host.
 Frankish cavalry - eager to get at the Heathen Vikings.
The battle begins. The Vikings have surged forward on the far flank driving into the Frankish peasants who held that part of the line. The Viking center holds its ground while the Viking left flank is refused. The Franks begin an advance with their cavalry.
 The Frankish commander (Steve) contemplates events.
 The Frankish horse strike home. In the far distance the Vikings have routed the Frankish peasants.
 Despite a desperate struggle the Frankish horse could not overcome the Viking numbers and are beaten off.
 The battle ends with the Franks having lost more than half their army. The Vikings who have lost one quarter of their army thank Odin for their victory.
 Bother Cuthbert and his loyal flock. We rated the peasants as slightly weaker than mainstream Frank infantry but made them 'fanatics' because of their religious zeal. They actually did quite well considering, managing to hold their ground against the Viking assault for two turns before it all got too much for them.