Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dux Europa,The Twilight of the West

28mm Old Glory , for the Dux Europa campaign running at Goulburn Valiant Stormers club. Based for Impetus

and some 28mm foundry Germans painted as foederatii 

Wargames Factory WSS command group

a lot of conversions, All plastic ,and  a metal daschund

Saturday, September 15, 2012

28mm SYW Russian Horse Grenadiers

Greetings again. Had these chaps sitting on the table for a while and finally got around to photographing them. Lovely models from Foundry in this 16 strong unit.The character packs really add the ahh...character. The Russian cavalry are a nice change from the infantry. GMB flag and unit tray from Shogun. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Odds and Sods

Here are some bits and pieces from the painting table of late.  I have been painting a few figures just for the fun of it!  

Some Crusader Miniatures Nubians- All crusader figures seem to paint up so well and easily too! When TigerZouave visits next these guys can join his collection!

Here are some odd Warlord Roman I put together to form a command base of sorts

I bought this guy from ebay- missing an arm.  The arm and lance were from my bits box.  I'm not sure if the Romans Auxiliary Came corps  used lances like this- Maybe this guy was an innovator?

Some Black Tree Athenians.  I have been painting quite a few Greeks lately.  I must take a pic of them en-masse

Some more ECW figures

 Some additions to the Grand Royal Army!

I have been neglecting my duties of adding to the blog- mostly due to the miserable weather. was the perfect day for taking photos of miniatures.  Here are some English Civil War figures I have painted recently.  The blue regiment is a mix of Warlord and Redoubt figures.  The Warlord figures are the command and pike from their 30 Years War box set and the Shotte are all Redoubt.  Redoubt make some of my favourite ECW figures- however- their moulds seem to be getting a bit tired and they need a fair bit of clean up.  Warlord minis always seem to be crisp.

The figures below are from the Warlord Firelock Storming party box.  Many of them are conversions through.  Having painted a few boxes of Warlord ECW plastics, I have accumulated quite a few bodies without arms.  Interestingly, the Firelock box gives you extra arms!  -and voila! some of the easiest conversions ever!
Firelock Storming Party

The Petard crew is also a Warlord set.  These metal figures are bravely storming the fortifications.  I wasn't sure how to base these figures and toyed with individual bases and combinations- but finally arrived at the idea of putting them all on one base. They were lovely figures to paint.  Full of character and detail.

Petard Crew

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Some 28mm Vikings who graced the table last night and emerged victorious.