Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here are some photos of a game using the Hail Caesar rules that was played today. The game involved a Dacian horde attacking a Roman frontier fort that was held by a scratch force of Roman Auxilia. Roman cavalry and infantry were coming to the rescue. The Calvary arrived but the infantry simply refused to hurry up and arrive - rolling 1 on a d6 six each time to test if they did show up did not help at all! The Dacians captured the fort after some stiff fighting and the Roman cavalry charged into the Dacians but did not do very well. When the Roman infantry finally did show up the game only had three turns to go, but even so the Legionaries managed to do great damage to the Dacians. Unfortunately for the Legionaries they simply ran out of time to turn the battle around and after routing the Dacians facing them would have had to deal with a veritable horde of Dacians rushing their way. All that was left for the Legionaries was to withdraw in good order and cover the retreat of the defeated cavalry. There was a very nice Roman fort on the table. The figures were all 28mm and all nicely painted. It was a good game and reflected well on the rules which work very well.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Painting hussars, as therapy

Pomeranian hussars for my chum  Pz. Ferdinand, 28mm Crusader...
so the phone rang on Sunday. evening ."Do you have six hussars in mirliton?", "Yes." I replied and in between  having the most stressful week in my life for  the last 6 years I finished them up this arvo..they proved  relaxing  during the hurly burly..If one is in great  turmoil( the "have the cats put down and plan to live in your car" sort of stress) I suggest you paint some hussars,,and to make the most of it do skewbalds and piebalds..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Goulburn Valiant Stormers ran the Australian Napoleonic Congress weekend over the Saturday and Sunday just gone. There were a variety of games played, but most important of all was the fantastic display of hundreds of superbly painted Napoleonic Miniatures. Here are some photos of the event for all to enjoy.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Warhammer historical had a ridiculous sale on their games recently and I purchased their copy of the game Gladiator to see what it was like.  

I have never really felt the inclination to play games of the arena, but after reading these rules, I'm keen to roll the dice and see who wins in the arena of blood and sand. The rules look quick and easy to play and the book itself is a quality hardback production with plenty of scope.  There are 144 full colour pages including a good painting guide. All the main gladiator types are covered and also all the scenarios you could imagine are catered for, ranging from wild animal fights, to chariot races, to naumachia (or mock sea battles) and of course battles with elephants!
Crusader miniatures make a great range of gladiator figures of which I have begun painting.  My thoughts are turning to the construction of an arena in which these brave souls can find glory or death!

The Imperial Thracian- with his curved sword, a formidable opponent

Mymillo- The 'fish man', traditional opponent of the Retiarius, trying to evade the net.

Retiarius- The 'net man'- A successful gladiator type and the only one that was allowed to run away from an opponent.

Hoplomachus- Similar to the Thracian but armed with a spear and small sheild or hoplon.

Some of the more exotic types- the Laquerarius (left) is a variation of the Retiarius, armed with and noose and spear instead of a net and trident.  Right is a Cruppellarius- covered in plate armour with bucket shaped helmet.  Apparently to fall over meant certain death by a pugio as he was too heavy to right himself!

Hoplomachi vs Cruppellarius

Rebs on the Ride

Below are some images of some Confederate cavalry I have been painting.  I'm not really sure which unit this rag tag bunch belong to and when I work it out I will give them a banner.  These boys are more of the ragged and ruthless rebels vein than the dashing southern cavalier! The figures are Fenlon, which are one of my favorite ACW ranges.  They have a nice sense of proportion and character. Also his horses are great to paint as well.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interstellar Raider

This could well be a future human raider striking out against a foe on some distant interstellar world. In reality it is one of my 40mm Special Forces Commando figures with a suitably atmospheric background ably assisted with the magic of Photoshop. It is a cool image and I just had to share it with you all.