Saturday, November 19, 2011


Warhammer historical had a ridiculous sale on their games recently and I purchased their copy of the game Gladiator to see what it was like.  

I have never really felt the inclination to play games of the arena, but after reading these rules, I'm keen to roll the dice and see who wins in the arena of blood and sand. The rules look quick and easy to play and the book itself is a quality hardback production with plenty of scope.  There are 144 full colour pages including a good painting guide. All the main gladiator types are covered and also all the scenarios you could imagine are catered for, ranging from wild animal fights, to chariot races, to naumachia (or mock sea battles) and of course battles with elephants!
Crusader miniatures make a great range of gladiator figures of which I have begun painting.  My thoughts are turning to the construction of an arena in which these brave souls can find glory or death!

The Imperial Thracian- with his curved sword, a formidable opponent

Mymillo- The 'fish man', traditional opponent of the Retiarius, trying to evade the net.

Retiarius- The 'net man'- A successful gladiator type and the only one that was allowed to run away from an opponent.

Hoplomachus- Similar to the Thracian but armed with a spear and small sheild or hoplon.

Some of the more exotic types- the Laquerarius (left) is a variation of the Retiarius, armed with and noose and spear instead of a net and trident.  Right is a Cruppellarius- covered in plate armour with bucket shaped helmet.  Apparently to fall over meant certain death by a pugio as he was too heavy to right himself!

Hoplomachi vs Cruppellarius


  1. I toyed with the idea of buying these and a few others in their recent sale, I've got far too much on the go as it is!! I've seen an arena for sale somewhere, I'll try and remember where???????

  2. sweet!

    I am keen for a game of this also, I only have about five figs done though!


  3. Wonderful stuff ... 'We who are about to play salute you!"

  4. Great looking minis; I've yet to find a ruleset for gladiators. Best, Dean

  5. I remembered after speaking to a pal,it was here, its a bit expensive but looks fantastic. You may have to have a word with Father Christmas though!!

  6. Thanks Ray. I'm writing my letter to Santa right now!