Saturday, July 27, 2013


Here are some photos from a Wild West game we played recently. Set in the town of Purgatory the game involved a struggle between various factions including a gang of disgruntled soiled doves whose sole intention was to burn down the town. You can see some of these ladies in the photos. The town and 28mm figures were all supplied by Rex, one of the players.
 The 'friendly' local undertaker.
Social center of the town.
 One band of gunmen close in on the soiled doves.
 The end of a shootout with the soiled doves. 
Several of the 'ladies' have been slain.
 Texas Rangers ride into town.
The Mexican Village across the tracks. 
The people of the village were determined to defend themselves from the rampaging Gringos.
 Those buildings without their roofs are on fire, courtesy of the ladies.
Last stage out - don't be late!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 The 13th Warrior ready to join my Viking heroes in a quest.
The figure is Reaper.

Friday, July 19, 2013


 Here are a couple of happy Vikings carrying home a box full of treasure.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I finished this 28mm mini the other day. 
Not sure who makes it, but it makes a great Boromir.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is the amazing 26m long scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato on display in a museum in Kure Japan. The Yamato was built in Kure.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Here are photos of our 'Base Camp Zulu' game we played this weekend. For a full report on the game see below.
 The game sets up
 The Militia camp - supply dump in the center
 Militia guard the boats at the river crossing
 A militia MG post
 Militia in fox holes - a mine field to their front
 Mbopo's lads appear in the bush. 
You can see that mortar fire has already set fire to the supply dump inside the camp.
 Tanks close in and begin firing into the camp
 Mbopos troops capture an MG post and enter the camp
 The militia begin evacuating the camp and crossing the river

 The camp is occupied while a T62 and the commandos advance to cut off the river crossing
Victory! The camp is occupied.

This game is part of an ongoing semi RPG type campaign I have been running for the last 18 months. It involves the actions of the TEAM who get different jobs to do in exotic locations. A lot of their work has been in the Republic of Zangaro in Africa where General Mbopo overthrew the previous government of President Kimba. This game was for General Mbopo's forces to occupy and destroy a base camp for the Holy Ghost Resistance Army who support exiled President Kimba. I had asked Scott who does not live in Canberra to give me a plan of battle. Scott is a wargamer as well as a serving armored corps officer. Scott had two infantry platoons with tank support (PT76), one commando squad, one independent tank company (T62) and two mortars in support. He sent me a very detailed plan. I stuck to the plan. I texted him throughout the game sending SITREPS and he replied with orders etc. This kept him busy all day, he came back quickly each time. There were a couple of moments when things could have gone badly awry for Scott but fate was kind to him. The first of these was when one of his T62s was hit in the mantle by an RPG7. The RPG penetrated the mantle with the chance for a brew up. The dice Gods intervened and Ian rolled a 1 for damage which meant no damage just a crew morale check. When the crew did this check they panicked and reversed the tank back into the bush. It then took them 3 turns to get their act together and re-enter the battle. This left one T62 in place without a morale check as all it saw was it buddy reverse into the bush. That T62 continued to fire into the militia positions killing two and causing others to abandon their fox holes. It later transpired that one of these KIA was not an indigenous militia man, but there was very little left of him to establish a firm ID of just who he may have been (it was actually one of the TEAM). Meanwhile Scott's Combat Team 1 (CT1) advanced with its PT76. Having been told before the battle by Scott to watch its flanks CT1 spotted a team of four enemy moving in on their right flank. These had been sent out with RPGs to hunt the tanks. CT1 moved to engage that enemy and killed two and severely wounded another. The sole surviving enemy hastily withdrew. One of these enemy killed was better dressed and much better equipped that the others although he was of African appearance (he was one of the TEAM). Only two TEAM members wer ehit during the game and each time the casualty dice was rolled it rolled 1 which is KIA - the dice Gods were NOT being kind to the TEAM at all. 
Scott's CT2 then cleared the flank for CT1. CT1 then moved to engage the enemy to its front. As they did this an RPG hit the CT1 PT76 and penetrated the armor, but then Ian rolled another 1 and there was no damage (he copped a LOT of flak for his hopeless dice rolling). This just meant the tank had to do a morale check. This resulted in that PT76 tank reversing back into the bush where it remained for one turn before returning. A claymore mine then detonated in the face of the CT1 infantry and this resulted in only one KIA to CT1 and no other injuries - another round of good luck. The enemy MG facing CT1 fired but hit nothing - more good luck. Return fire from CT1 killed or wounded all the enemy in the MG position. CT1 pushed ahead. 
Early in the battle it became apparent that the enemy were using a small UAV. Several attempts were made to shoot this down but appalling marksmanship resulted in this not being done until the Commando squad opened fire and shot it out of the air. 
As the battle developed the enemy sent a squad of six against the left flank of Scott's T62/Commando position. The commandos engaged this enemy squad killing and wounding five of them - more good luck. When It became apparent to Scott's men on the ground that the militia were abandoning their positions in the camp and withdrawing one T62 sensing that the enemy may escape began moving with commando squad to cut off the enemy at the river crossing point. This was not according to Scott's plan but I texted him saying it was initiative and he could tell them to stop and they would. He let them go. The T62 and commandos did not cut off the militia by the end of the game but it was a good try. CT1 and CT2 pressed ahead and occupied the camp. The militia managed to evacuate three of their four12.7 MG. 
After the militia had fled a Helo arrived (it had been delayed) and Scott put four commandos aboard and flew along the route of enemy withdrawal. The Helo was destroyed with all on board by enemy aircraft (obviously NOT indigenous AC - actually USN from a carrier off the coast but all very hush-hush).
Scott ordered his ground troops to follow up but they found only discarded items of little worth, no weapons or further en casualties. 
The results of this fight were:
Mbopo's Forces - captured enemy camp and supplies. Approx half enemy supplies still intact. Captured one 12.7mm MG.
Mbopo's losses - 5 KIA + Helo (1 KIA battle, 4 KIA Helo plus Helo crew)
Militia forces
18 KIA - one non indigenous, one suspected non indigenous

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Here are some photos of this year's WINTERCON which was 
held here in Canberra this weekend 13-14 July.
 Lots of 40K and other space warfare games
 A really nicely presented First World War table with a wonderful hand made trench system

 The attention to detail was first class

 A great Aztec vs. Conquistadors game. 
The temple was scratch built.

Some dangerous armed frogs 
Equally dangerous armed mice
Bolt Action games
Flames of War games
Star Wars space battle game
DBM games
Not sure what this was but they were having fun!
Nerf Gun shooting range!