Saturday, February 26, 2011

Plastic Vikings and the USMC!

Some Lead Boiler Suit company 40mm modern USMC which I will use in skirmish games.

This Viking knows how to get ahead in the game!
This is a conversion of a standard Wargames Factory Viking Bondi figure. Very easy to do in plastic and it adds that little bit of authentic historical flavour to the tabletop army.

The lads all lined up and looking for a Monastery to loot!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Size matters Newsletter
an extract
Black Powder at CanCon

Some photos of the two Black Powder demo/participation games at CanCon can be seen here:

2nd Hochstadt, or Blenheim

 Photos by Craig
and the discussion is here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well in Goulburn and environs we are ...

preparing for Pulp/VBCW action
Starkadder's HMS Poodle and Pz Ferdinand's  U-2579, both painted by Leroy Simpson

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gripping Beast 28mm Plastic Vikings

Here is my latest effort in 28mm plastic. These are a couple of Gripping Beasts Viking Huscarls. I have swapped the head of the standard bearer for a Wargames Factory head and used Wargames Factory shields as they have a tad more detail on them that the GB shields. These are very nicely detailed figures, the mail coats in particualr being very well defined. They are big solid beefy fellows, with good crisp casting and good quality plastic. The attention to detail is excellent with the Huscarl's sword even having runes engraved on the blade. These figures are very easy to assemble and a joy to paint. I have enhanced the beards a tad but otherwise they are stock standard figures. The flag, which I made, comes from an original Viking motif and depicts Sleipnnir Odin's eight legged horse.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Even more plastic Napoleonics

Here are all the Victrix 28mm hard plastic Napoleonic figures I have painted so far. I scanned and printed the flag from a very nice book on French Infantry flags that I have. The more I work on these the more fun I am having. I have always been a modeller and painter and find that with these plastic figures I can indulge in conversions and variations very easily. Its like working on Historex figures in miniature and great fun. I am keenly awaiting the arrival of the Perry French Napoleonic Hussars. I have seen these figures and they are beautiful little miniatures. I certainly hope that the ranges of hard plastic figures keeps expanding.