Friday, February 11, 2011

Gripping Beast 28mm Plastic Vikings

Here is my latest effort in 28mm plastic. These are a couple of Gripping Beasts Viking Huscarls. I have swapped the head of the standard bearer for a Wargames Factory head and used Wargames Factory shields as they have a tad more detail on them that the GB shields. These are very nicely detailed figures, the mail coats in particualr being very well defined. They are big solid beefy fellows, with good crisp casting and good quality plastic. The attention to detail is excellent with the Huscarl's sword even having runes engraved on the blade. These figures are very easy to assemble and a joy to paint. I have enhanced the beards a tad but otherwise they are stock standard figures. The flag, which I made, comes from an original Viking motif and depicts Sleipnnir Odin's eight legged horse.


  1. They look great!!! Please don´t say you did the shield designs freehand.

  2. that is cracking work, especially like the standard mate.


  3. And I was really happy with my Vikings until now too... Great Job!