Monday, October 31, 2011

28mm Napoleonic Austrians

I have recently completed my year long project, an Austrian Division in 28mm. Mostly Foundry with Old Glory Grenzers. I've posted these as teasers, the rest are on the photobucket site linked below. Good for insurance purposes too! Hope you enjoy them. Some units have been seen earlier on this blog.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

54mm Vietnam War Aussies

Here are the finished versions of some of the 54mm Vietnam War Australians that I have painted up for skirmish games and to display. The figures are nice solid one piece castings designed by Mike Broadbent and have painted up very well. I have eight of these in total - a typically understrength infantry Section at the time - but need to base the last five. I will post pics of all of them when they are based. If anyone knows of a reasonably priced 1.32 scale M113 out there please let me know.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eureka 15mm SW Pacific WWII

the bases took nearly as long to do as the figures..

The mighty Sentinal tank

Home Cast Wargames Figures

Here are some of the 35mm home cast early C18th wargames figures that I have been casting and painting up over the last few years as part of my ongoing 'Glorious Obsession' project. Apart from the Bavarian Leibgarde on the far right the regimental colors above are mythical ones nominated by friends who wanted their own regiments to appear on the field. From left to right these are Williams Regiment, Marmilic's regiment and my own regiment. The figures are from masters made many years ago by myself. Casting is by hand using an RTV rubber mould. I have a cavalry mould in the works as well as artillery gunnners, infantry officers, standard bearers and drummers. At the time of this post I have eight infantry regiments of 32 figures - an earlier post shows images of these.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Saga Viking force

did these, made from both Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory, completed  , in the painting sense in a 24 hour period..37  fine fellows
a leader, 12 heavy infantry, 4 berserks, 4 bowmen and 16 medium infantry .They will be on sale at the Carboot sale, if they don't go before..


My latest 28mm ACW project is to do some Missouri State Guard ca.1861. I have just finished the first six figures. The Missouri State Guards were a real citizen militia. They lacked uniforms or standard firearms and equipment and went to war wearing their normal work and day to day clothes and carrying any firearm they could get hold of. These were the boys who successfully took the Yankees on at Carthage, Wilson's Creek and Lexington in 1861. As time went on they became more 'military' in appearance, but what I wanted to capture was their image in 1861 when the war began. The figures I have used are four of the armed civilians from Empress Miniatures New Zealand Wars line, one 'Preacher' officer from Dixon and the flag bearer from my own Cannon Fodder Miniatures Alamo line with the addition of a flintlock musket. I will continue to add to the Missouri State Guards as time goes by.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday the Goulburn Stormers played a 28mm ACW game using Johnny Reb III rules. The game was a scenario from the Peninsula campaign around Williamsburg and involved a flank attack by two Union brigades on a redoubt in which there was a large gun. This was a great opportunity to put onto a wargames table my recently completed 8" Columbiad emplacement, even though in the scenario it was not allowed to fire. The game lasted nine turns out of a possible fifteen turns and was a resounding success for the Union who broke the Confederate line and forced to the Rebs to retreat in disorder. Below are some pictures of the game with a description of what occurred.

The Confederate main line deployed defensively along a fence with the gun and its redoubt in the distance.

The gun and in its redoubt which was garrisoned by an erstwhile regiment of militia.

The game opens with the Union artillery pounding the Reb redoubt, hoping by doing so to whittle down the defenders and force them into a morale test.

With the union guns firing the Union right flank steps off in fine style advancing to engage with musketry the Confederate left flank.

As the Union line advances commanders on both sides consider their options. Union musketry severely discomfits the Reb left flank forcing two regiments to withdraw in disorder.

The Union guns finally make an impression on the garrison of the redoubt who become shaken. Taking that as their cue, three Union regiments that had been waiting concealed in the forest on the Union left flank surge forward and attack the redoubt. The militia fire at the attackers ineffectually and are swept away in rout.

With the far right of the Reb line burst wide open the Union troops pour through and descend on the right flank of the main Reb line. The crew of the big gun look on bemused wondering what has just happened.

With Union troops now at close range directly on their right flank and with more Union troops moving steadily in on their left flank the Rebs surrender to the pressing dictates of self preservation and common sense and skedaddle.

The battle ends with the right flank of the Reb line hopelessly compromised, the left of their line in serious trouble and fresh Union troops emerging from the woods in the center. Union losses were very light - nothing at all from the left flank attack and only two or three figures on the right of the line. Reb losses were very much heavier. The Harper's Weekly correspondent attached to the attacking Union force broke several pencils excitedly scribbling down the details of this glorious victory for the union Cause - Now on to Richmond!


Just finished painting the last of my 54mm Vietnam War minis. I intend to use these for skirmish gaming. I now have 8 US Marines, 8 Australians, 12 VC/NVA. Here is a photo of two of the Australians I have just painted in a suitable setting. The figures are metal one piece castings designed and sculpted by Mike Broadbent.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The latest addition to my 40mm skirmish collection. The fellow has found his wheels and wants the whole town to know all about it. The figure is a conversion of an HLBSC figure while the truck is a 1/43 Ford 250 suitably dirtied up for the occasion. The ammo belt is a brass etched accessory. I will have to do a few more of these trucks so they can have races around the block.