Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Cast Wargames Figures

Here are some of the 35mm home cast early C18th wargames figures that I have been casting and painting up over the last few years as part of my ongoing 'Glorious Obsession' project. Apart from the Bavarian Leibgarde on the far right the regimental colors above are mythical ones nominated by friends who wanted their own regiments to appear on the field. From left to right these are Williams Regiment, Marmilic's regiment and my own regiment. The figures are from masters made many years ago by myself. Casting is by hand using an RTV rubber mould. I have a cavalry mould in the works as well as artillery gunnners, infantry officers, standard bearers and drummers. At the time of this post I have eight infantry regiments of 32 figures - an earlier post shows images of these.


  1. Excellent! Keep with your 'Glorious Obsession' for your enjoyment and ours!
    Would you care to present us each of your 'Imagi-Nary' regiments?
    Looking forward to see our armies in battle.

  2. Great stuff!! Keep up the excellent work. They all look rather dashing, I'm afraid my vote goes to Williams regt white cuffed yellow, very nice indeed!!

  3. Well done, sir ! Very appealing figures you've created there. They remind of the illustrations made by Gudenas (ca.1735) of the French army, as can be seen in the Osprey "Armies of Louis XV" books.

    I'm going to scroll back through your blog, I'd really like to see the regiments you've already completed. And I look forward to seeing new castings as you unveil them !

    Steve C.