Saturday, November 22, 2014


On Thursday night we played an epic battle between two of the Lords contesting some real estate in our Dark Ages campaign. Lord Joe had invaded the land of Brune in an attempt to seize it back from Lady Cameronia who had recaptured it from Lord Joe the previous season. Lord Percy, wishing to deny Joe the opportunity to reclaim Brune invaded as well. Lord Percy commanded a vast Host far outnumbering Lord Joe. The two armies met on the banks of a river. In the photo above Lord Percy moves part of his vast host as the battle begins.
Lord Joes army, knowing that it has to use guile and cunning to prevail, takes a position amongst hills with its left flank protected by a forest and its right flank protected by a swamp.
Lord Joe's warriors watch from atop of their hill as Lord Percy's host approaches.
Percy's army moves up close to the base of the hill on which Joe's warriors wait. Joe moves his three heroes to his right flank.
Joe's heroes, with the army banner and warriors in support charge down the hill and tear into Percy's ranks.
Joe's heroes cut down all before them. The dice Gods were with Lord Joe and losses on Percy's side were three to one what they were amongst Joe's warriors. A banner of Percy falls and he fails the subsequent morale test resulting in every unengaged warrior within 4" fleeing. 
Percy has the numbers though, and although he is losing more than Joe he can afford to do so. Percy has worked his way around behind Joe's army and the battle takes on two fronts. To the rear Joe's warriors simply have to hold Percy at bay, while to the front Joe's heroes continue to hack their way closer and closer to Lord Percy himself.
Inevitably the dice turn and Percy manages to cut down a line of Joe's warriors leaving Lord Joe momentarily alone on the hilltop. Attacked on all sides Lord Joe fights heroically but is slain. His army is stunned but continues to fight on.
As Lord Joe's heroes cut their way through the ranks of Percy's army Lord Percy is compelled to enter the battle himself. Accompanied by his heroes Percy confonts Joes heroes.
Heracles a hero of Lord Joe, wounded but undaunted, combats Percy fae to face. The dice gods turn their back on Percy but bless Heracles who rolls a double six! There can be no argument, Percy is slain. Is the battle lost? Luckily Percy's successor passes the army morale test and the battle continues. Percy's advantage in numbers is now beginning to have a decisive influence on the game. After three tests Joe's army finally withdraws from the field. The battle if won for Percy, but at a great cost. Percy's losses exceed that of Joe and Percy himself was slain - such is the price of conquest!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Napoleonic Wargames on a Sunday

Here are some photos of the games we played today. The first was a big 28mm Napoleonic bash in which a horde of Brunswickers took on an equally numerous mass of French. The other game was a very nice 6mm game fighting Aspern-Essling.

 A very nice 6mm game of Aspern-Essling


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