Thursday, September 30, 2010

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28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry Machinegunner

The first of the Eureka Miniatures Rhodesian Light Infantry painted. Beautifully detailed figure and a pleasure to paint. Getting the Rhodesian cam pattern was a challenge, but I think I have captured it nicely.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Eureka 28mm Selous Scout Mini

Eureka Miniatures is about to release 28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry. These are superb figures. Amongst the selection is one figure of a Selous Scout. I received a batch of these new figures on Tuesday and set to work painting the Selous Scout. This is a beautiful figure and a magnificent representation of a Scout in miniature. The figure is sculpted in very typical Scout attire - T shirt and shorts with sandals. His weapon is an SLR and he has one water canteen and a chest ammo pouch rig. The authenticity of this figure is first class and reminds me very much of the most renowned Scout Chris Schulenberg who was bearded and wore sandals in the bush. I painted the figure partially 'blacked up' which was a technique the Rhodesian Special Forces used to conceal their identities from afar. Rhodesian weapons were frequently cam painted. This is a magnificent miniature and a delight to paint. I can't wait to paint up my collection of "The Saints" RLI and will post pictures as soon as I do.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roberdeau Wheat Leads his Tigers forward into battle!

Here is a photo of the figure I converted to represent Maj. Chatham Roberdeau Wheat the commander of the 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Vols. I was stumped how to adequately depict Wheat in miniature as he had a distinctive appearance being 6'4" tall and weighing 18 stone (252lb-114kg). I was looking everywhere for a figure that was a tad bigger than the normal 28mm types. Eventually I found the old Tradition 30mm range and purchased an officer from their ACW line. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised when the figure arrived and it was just right - not too tall but certainly tall enough to tower over any figure put next to it. I replaced the head with a more expressive Dixon head and using green stuff made brass shoulder scales and added a sash. Wheat wore the uniform of a field grade officer of the Louisiana army at 1st Manassas-Bull Run. This was a red kepi suitably embellished with lace, dark blue frock coat and trousers, brass shoulder scales, and a buff/gold colored General officers sash which was not regulation but which Wheat wore in recognition of his service as a General in the Mexican and Nicaraguan armies. I am very pleased with the figure and although perhaps a little lean for Wheat it will do the job nicely. Lets hope this miniature Wheat can lead his miniature Tigers to glory on many a tabletop battlefield.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Part of the harsh reality of conflict, this battlefield surgeon goes about his grim work. The figure is by Redoubt. I will paint up a hospital scene to accompany this fellow. I recently purchased a field ambulance and a selection of wounded men from both Redoubt and Dixon. This figure is one of them. Fire and Fury~Regimental wargame rules suggest such a scene be placed on the table to signify when heavy casualties begin to have an impact on the morale of an army. My modellers instinct could not resist creating such a scene.

New York's Finest - the 5th

The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry had a distinguished two year service in the civil war.  They were present at the first land action of the war and proved their worth with a charge at Big Bethel.  No other Union regiment sustained as many casualties in a single day's battle as the 5th (120 men killed or mortally wounded in 7 minutes at the Second Bull Run). The 5th had a reputation of 'elite' status, being comprised of well educated men, of whom around 80% were born in America.  They were mostly from Manhattan.  Commanded by Abram Duryee a skilled and relentless drillmaster, demonstrated courage under fire and epitomised the ideals of the regiment. After the regiment's term of service expired after Chancellorsville, the 5th NY returned to a parade down Broadway. The New York Times reported " The men were brown and rugged; their colours were weather stained and bullet torn; their uniforms were tattered and stained with Virginia mud and the smoke of hard fought conflicts. They looked magnificent."
The 'Magnificent Duryee's 5th New York Zouaves
Above is a quick snap of the 5th NY I have just painted.  The figures are from Mark Fenlon Miniatures and were an absolute pleasure to paint.  The picture doesn't do them justice!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is the completed stand of the command group for Wheat's 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Vols. The 25mm figures are from left to right: Dixon, Foundry converted from a British Crimean War officer -added a Redoubt head, Sash and Saber Zouave officer, Sash and Saber Zouave painted as a Tiger. I am painting up 11 stands for this regiment based on Fire and Fury Regimental rules one stand equals 40 men. I have two companies to do -four stands- before I finish this battalion then I will do the 4th South Carolina. At 1st Bull Run/Manassas the 4th SC and Wheat's Battalion were brigaded together along with two guns and two companies of cavalry under Nathaniel Evans. The cavalry was detached for duties elsewhere on the battlefield but the infantry and guns -about 900 men- stood their ground at Matthews Hill where they held up the advance of Burnside and Porters brigades -3000 + men- for more than one hour. This was when Wheat's boys launched their famous Bowie knife charge against the Yankees and despite not actually making contact caused enough angst amongst the Union ranks to slow down their advance significantly. Wheat was shot through both lungs during the contest for Matthews Hill. Pronounced a mortal wound by the surgeons he told them he "did not feel like dying yet" and went on to recover. The colors carried as the battalion colors that day were the colors of the Delta Rangers -company D. This was determined by lot prior to the battle. The Delta Rangers colors were the Confederate 1st National colors with eight stars. They were carried in the battle by Lieutenant Austin Eastman.


These great figures are by the very talented Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts. They depict the shepherd boy David in his moment of confrontation with the Philistine giant Goliath. These are really lovely figures and very unique. Well done Gerry!


Here are some of my 54mm Legionaries and Auxiliaries. The original masters were made by renowned master toy soldier sculptor Alan Caton. I have done a little bit of conversion work on the swords and sword arms for the Legionaries. I plan to field about 100 of these on a table. I am working on their enemies now, a suitably hairy bunch of barbarians.


Here is my pride and joy; a Swiss late C15th collection. I made these figures from scratch back in the early 1980s with my first experiments with making 25mm miniatures with Milliput. I then made moulds, hand cast each figure individually and then painted them. It was a real labour of love, but the results were well worth it. I must admit that these old fellows are very special to me. I still have the moulds and will add to their ranks one day.


Here are some of my 54mm Romans. My plan is to paint up a Legion of these fellows at a scale of one figure equals 50 men givin me a total of about 100 figures. I have already completed 50 Legionaries, the fellows below are extra to that. I am making the Legionaries from moulds made from masters commisoned by me from Alan Caton one of the true old masters of the toy soldier industry. The figures below are Russian made minis that I purchased unpainted and then painted. I really enjoyed painting these and as you can see they came up a real treat!

German SS Cavalryman

Here is a picture of a 54mm SS cavalry man.  I have no idea what make it is.  It is a great kit with lots of components and detail.  It did take a bit of finishing with milliput around the neck where the joining lines were really obvious.  The fence and sign are all scratchbuilt from balsa.  It depicts the latter part of the war and like the sign his chances of returning to Berlin are looking down!

54mm Prince August Knight

Here is a picture of one of Prince August's kights from their 54mm Medieval range.   The horse is one of the nicest 54mm horses I have painted- although it took a lot of lead to cast!

Ancient Greeks - old and new

"Because we fight close to the enemy." King Agesilaos when asked why their swords were so short.
Here is the beginnings of my Spartan Army which I have been adding to for some time now. Originally I was thinking of getting together 300.  It is a somewhat eclectic collection of figures from many ranges and ages. Featured are figures from Hinchcliffe, Ral Partha, Foundry, Immortal, Essex and some other unknown brands. They are largely being based to play Field of Glory, but I have based some individually, until I decide what to do with them.  I have another 60 odd figures to paint from Wargames foundry and Immortal Miniatures along with some Persians. I was only halted in my painting efforts by a crisis in confidence- did I really want a Spartan army or another city state??  This happenned because I read the excellent booklet which came with the plastic box kit form immortal miniatures which is one of the best accounts of Ancient Greek armour and and uniforms that I have seen. Recent works on my Union ACW has also slowed things down a bit too!
The General
A Base of Foundry Hoplites
A Hero with a Trident!!!??
A hinchcliffe musician.  Pretty basic sculpt but a paint job makes a difference!
Comparison of makes: Foundry (L) Immortal (C) Ral Partha (R)
Ral Partha Hoplites from the late 70s!
Essex Slingers

Essex Crossbowmen
 "Either with it or upon it." Spartan mothers to their sons in regards to their shields.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What a great miniature! I think that this one captures the image of the Mobile Infantry as they are described in the book Star Ship Troopers very nicely. These are die cast models about 100mm tall. It is from a Japanese company and the only ones I have ever found have been on eBay. I have removed a rocket launcher on his left shoulder - this looked to me to be a bit awkward for the photo composition but was actually pretty much as described in the text of the book.

Duryee's Zouaves 5th New York Vols.

These are some of my 25mm 5th New York Duryee's Zouaves. The figures are by Wargames Foundry.

Prince August 54mm Napoleonics

The most recent Prince August moulds are a far cry form some of the simpler ones of the 80s.  Their 54mm Napoleonic range is fantastic. I bought these as an impulse buy in one of their online sales.  The price was too good to refuse! They are well proportioned, mutipart with plenty of detail.  They could fit in as wargames figures or toy soldiers. Below are some pictures of my efforts. I have tried to paint them simply. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Flights of Fantasy

Brother Brian the mad messianic monk from a long running early medieval campaign ~ a Reaper figure. The golden hand on a pole is Brian's icon. The hand has a story attached to it that goes back to the very first days of the campaign during the early 1980s! Reaper make wonderful miniatures and they are a delight to paint. As you can see from the following images I have quite a few of them.

The Dark Lord has harsh words with a recalcitrant Yeti! The Dark Lord is a Games Workshop figure. I am not sure where the Yeti came from, but I enjoyed painting him.

One ugly Orc! A Reaper figure.

A "beautiful" Reaper Ettin.

A Yeti confronting some hapless peasant! "Leave my sheep alone!"

Brother Impious ~ fear naught!

Brother Raggius ~ woe be unto the sinful!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Here are some photos of various games of the Alamo I have hosted. The rules I use are my own and I am quite happy to share them with anyone who is interested. The model of the Alamo is by Hudson and Allen - painted by myself. The figures used are all Cannon Fodder Miniatures. The game uses about 260 fgures and has a strict two hour time limit. If at the end of the two hours one Texian is left alive they win! Mexican losses are automatically replaced for the first one and half hours, but Texian losses are not replaced. It is a good fast moving, easy to learn and great participation game. I'll be hosting it again next January at Cancon.