Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here are some images of my latest indulgence!  These magnificent 40mm figures are sculpted by Australia's own Mike Broadbent and sold by Eureka Miniatures.  I'm not really into western gaming, but love the story of the James Younger gang and their exploits and the mythology which has been created around them. Were they Southern heroes or hardened criminals? They would make great figures for a game which features the Northfield Robbery.  The aim of the gang could be to get out of town before the civilians shoot them!  Anyway, enough flights of fancy.  They are great figures to paint up and are still available through Eureka and make a great diversion from painting ECW figures.

The James Younger Gang

Cole Younger

Jim Younger

Bob Younger

Jesse James

Frank James

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  1. Excellent work - 40mm is a great scale to paint and you have done a first class job!