Thursday, July 19, 2012


The game in progress Andrew (Reb) on the left faces Ian (Yank) and Doug (Yank). I was the other Reb facing Doug. Each of us had a Brigade of three regiments. Size and quality of the Regiments differed with the Yanks having two crack units and we only had one Veteran Unit, the rest of the troops were Trained. The guns on both sides were Veteran. The two Yank commanders were also rated as good. We rolled dice before the game to determine these ratings. Figures were all 25mm-28mm. Sides were determined by a draw and with all the preliminaries worked out we got to it. 
The Yankee battle line
Don't you worry boys they's just Bluebellies!
Lets go get 'em boys!
Close range musketry with the Yanks coming of second best.
The Reb right flank moves forward
Into 'em boys - give em the cold steel! 
Close and deadly work - the Yanks break and run! 

With the Yankee left flank broken the boys in the Reb center surge forward against the out of ammo Yankee center - the Yanks conceded defeat and the game ended.

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