Monday, January 10, 2011

Zulu Close up

Here is a close up of one of the 28mm hard plastic figures I have done for the Isandlwana game. This is an Induna of the iNolondo regiment. I have done some extra work on this fellow adding body and leg decorations, two feathers for his headdress, leopard skin headdress, beard and opened his mouth. I am certainly not taking this much time with the majority of figures but for specials such as the Indunas I will make an extra effort. I used green stuff for the body and leg decoration, plastic rods for the feathers. I have a pyrogravure which is a hot needle tool for working with plastic. In the past I was a keen maker of Historex figures and used the pyrogravure for super detailing these. I used the pyrogravure to rough up the feathers and add the beard as well as open the mouth.


  1. big nasty looking bugger indeed!!! bravo TZ

  2. "March slowly, attack at dawn and eat up the red soldiers."