Tuesday, July 19, 2016

35mm Croat

I thought I would make something a bit different for my 35mm minis so I made this Croat soldier ca.1700. I only have one of them at the moment but I plan to make some variations.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Old School Citadel Goblin Army for Kings of War - The Blood Dippers...

Here is a fantasy army for Kings of War. We needed an opponent to the Wood Elves from a previous post. Goblins are fun to paint and collect so were a good choice. My youngest son suggested the name "Blood Dippers" for reasons mentioned below.

There were two specifications, the first was to make them have rusty weapons, the second to use a bit of red where possible. The red to represent the blood of your slain enemies. That's a 10 year old mind for you.

This group features some conversions and a few repair jobs on some beaten up old figures to help the army come together nicely. Mostly 80s and early 90s figures. A few were bought new but are old Grenadier Miniature sculpts that are still in production with Mirliton SG in Italy.

Most of them were second hand and given a new life.

The Gobbo Army so far...
 Some Hell Hounds used as Flea Bags
 Fimir acting as Trolls
 Another unit of Trolls
Ghouls with hand weapons as Undead Revenant Allies - hard to find in metal so got these new from Mirliton SG (red shields!)  Nice rusty weapons
Citadel Wolf Riders - as Flea bag riders
Marauder Wolf Riders 

Marauder Goblin General on wolf (more red bits)
Another view - more cute than scary

Goblin Phalanx Horde 1
I gave the hordes more of a grittier look than the bright, cartoonish originals.
I take out the commander and wizard figures from this horde when we need extra hero characters for games. I think he's King Skarsnik (or something).
Goblin Phalanx Horde 2
Kev Adams Heartbreaker command and character figures
Goblin Phalanx Horde 3 
Gotta love those crazeee teef
 Goblin Spitter (archer) Horde
These are made up from the first wave of Citadel plastics. I really like that style.
A troop of Fanatics - 1980s and 1990s models
Citadel, Marauder and Iron Claw
Regiment of spitters
Spider Riders - only because they look pretty cool.
Feathers have been dipped in the blood of their enemies!
Used as Flea Bag riders.
This Giant is from Mirliton SG. He only had 2 fists as weapons which wasn't scary enough.
I replaced a fist with a blade and put in a trident to make him nastier.
I gave him happy pants though to help the red strips of cloth stand out more.
Another look. 
He inflicts a great amount of damage in his games so far and is worth the points outlay.
Goblin Rabble regiment - made up of Heroquest figures
A pair of spear throwers - War machine crews are given orange uniforms.
These are handy and great to annoy your opponent. 
Stone thrower. A nice model but might only get one or two hits in during a game. When it scores a hit it can do some decent damage though.
The other side. It's a nice little diorama and gaming piece in one. I added a little coil of rope for some reason. This was in rough shape when I picked it up and now you would never know...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

35mm Régiment des Gardes-Françaises

Latest of my 35mm regiments - Régiment des Gardes-Françaises

28mm Seven Years War Russian Army - Part 2 - Cavalry

Here are the cavalry.

A nice change from all the red...


 Cavalry on parade
 Nice looking Hussar unit
 Hussars in cornflower blue
 Cavalry command stand
 Large Dragoon unit
 2nd large Dragoon unit
 Cuirassier unit 
 2nd Cuirassier unit
 Horse Grenadier unit (my favourites, seen on an earlier blog post)
 2nd Horse Grenadier unit (my second favourite...)
 Small Cossack unit
 Another one
 Alternative view of the cavalry
 Cuirassier regiments
 Horse Grenadiers

28mm Seven Years War Russian Army - Part 1 - Infantry and Artillery

Hi All,

It's been a very long time since I contributed here. I'm still painting but life got in the way and I haven't had time to take any pictures.

Here's one of the projects that I've been working on. I started this a few years ago but decided this was the year to finish enough units to make a good sized gaming army.

Mostly Foundry figures with a few Eureka Cossacks.

4 Line infantry regiments - 2 battalions each
2 Grenadier regiments of - 2 battalions each
3 Observation Corps regiments - 3 battalions each

6 Medium guns
2 Light guns
4 'secret' howitzers (part of the Observation Corps)

2 Cuirassier regiments
2 Horse Grenadier regiments
2 Dragoon regiments
2 Hussar regiments
2 Cossack sotnias

Various command stands 

Hope you like them.


 Infantry on parade
 Observation Corps brigade
 Line Infantry brigade
 Another Line Infantry brigade
 Close up of the Grenadiers
 Profile of the infantry
 Observation Corps guns
 Command stand
 Another command stand
 Brigade command stand
 Medium artillery
 Observation Corps regiment
 The other Observation Corps regiment
Observation Corps 'secret' howitzers