Friday, January 7, 2011

Zinnfiguren William Tell

Something a little bit different. Here is a very nice Zinnfiguren 'flat' of William Tell and his son I painted a long time ago. I bought this back in 1989 at the Zinnfiguren Museum in Goslar Germany as an experiment, never having painted a 'flat' before. The figure is about 75mm tall and cast in one piece. I must say that the figure itself is beautiful, the casting faultless and the detail amazing. Painting it was very much an artistic exercise and akin to painting an image onto canvas or paper and I used many of the techniques one uses when doing just that. I must say that I really enjoyed painting this figure and that the end result was a very nice display piece indeed. I am tempted to seek out some more of these Zinnfiguren especially the larger scale ones. By the way if you are ever in Germany and can get to Goslar do so. The Zinnfiguren Museum is an amazing place. They have several floors crammed packed with dioramas with thousands of painted figures. Many of the dioramas depict Frederick the Greats battles and are amazing in their detail and numbers of figures used.

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  1. Magnificent paintwork, it certainly involves a whole different skillset. I could imagine myself collecting these quite easily. Having the skill to paint them is another story though!