Monday, January 10, 2011

10,000 Zulus!

Finished the 100th stand of Zulus this evening. At five figures per stand that makes 500 figures or at the scale of 1 figure equals 20 actual men 10,000 Zulus. This is half the number I will need for the Isandlwana game at Cancon 2012. When compared to the 84 British/NNC figures who will oppose them it will certainly be a very visual lesson to anyone who sees the game of just what the lads of the 24th faced that day back in 1879.


  1. Nice one, that's a lot of hard work there!!!, Zulu's are pretty boring to paint, but they look great, are they 15mm or 25mm??

  2. So it will be 1000 figures against 84 figures, that will be very impressive.

  3. impressive? it is insane!!!! and they are 28mm

  4. Good grief!!!
    That´s a huge amount of painting!!!

  5. These are all 28mm hard plastic Zulus from Wargames Foundry. For the game I will use WF plastic 28mm British infantry but may have to use metal NNC mounted types - Minifigs make the right type of horseman and their scale would fit better with the WF figures than the absurdly Gigantor scale 30mm+ Redoubt figures which are the only other maker of the correct NNC horsemen I can find. Mounted Police Auxiliaries I can convert from Perry plastic ACW cavalry using WF British infantry heads. Haven't yet worked out what I will do for dismounted horsemen. The guns and rocket section that were at Isandlwana will come from Empress Miniatures. A big challenge will be to make Isandlwana mountain. I have some ideas for that and will start on it after Cancon this year.

  6. A very impressive amount of figures mate looking forward to this visual spectacular!

    If you need some help with the mountain greg let me know.


  7. Having recently visited Isandlwana, I will be interested to see this one. From some angles the mountain actually looks like the sphinx cap badge, and you will need to organise an eclipse as well.. or Dead Moon as the Zulu call it.