Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oliver Cromwell and the Saker Gun

Here are some images of my recent ECW efforts.  Below is the magnificently designed Saker cannon from Warlord Games- with an additional Master Gunner - of course! This was a pleasure to paint and I have not seen a gun or crew from this period to rival it.  This is the same as model depicted on the rear cover of the Field of Glory Renaissance rules. 

 Here is Oliver Cromwell in his glory.  Depicted in his earlier days, when he led the fearsome 'Ironsides' before he became "Lord Protector' or just a plain old megalomaniac! Oliver here is showing off his 'secret' or armoured skull cap. Once again, this was made by Warlord Games.  Below he is 'revving' up the troops for the charge- probably quoting revelations or some such! The figures in this lot are a mix of Redoubt and Essex with a couple of conversions and even one chap has a Prince August head!

Let's give those Cavaliers a taste of holy steel!

Chins up lads!



  1. I have always loved artillery regardless of period, very nice work.

  2. Magnificent! Bravo! Olde Nole looks the part, follow me lads!

  3. these are just great love your work