Monday, January 10, 2011

What does '11 hold for you and the hobby?

a pinched concept .. all the best one are .. I have the Prussian SYW project 28mm , the 900-1101AD project 28mm and I am  awaiting 3 boxes of Normans as I type, anybody after 33 Gripping beast Normans unpainted? ($90); The now grandly titled "The Pike and Shotte" project, 28mm figs and a good fast play rules; The Sylvanan Incident (18th C pulp adventure based on Peckinpah's Major Dundee); revitalise Wings of War..a mini campaign? Complete the Armies of Gluckheinm ,Dachsdortf and Bieberhof.., finish my railway bridge and get in more WWII games; Napoleonics?..think about the Decline of the West Project...look at my boxes of plastic Hoplites;.paint some nice fantasy ..sort out the Dreadnought thing;.contemplate where I am going with life  and...and more TANKS...many more TANKS and ..


  1. Thats a damn large amount of projects, good luck.

  2. and I thought I had a lot of projects.

  3. Looking at all the figures I need to paint, I'm glad that someone has more projects on the go than me!

  4. add onto all that the stuff I do for others..the Normans cam in today..