Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bill and Barney Lead the Baggage Train

Every good army needs a baggage train.  Here is part of a project I have been working on.  The two figures have been in my collection waiting for a paint for almost two decades!
Bill The Pony
Bill the pony is the same one that followed the fellowship of the Lord of the Rings.  He is good friends with Sam and Tom Bombadil  and on occasion will carry baggage for the odd Pike and Shotte army!  He is a two piece casting and comes from the original Citadel miniatures range for the Lord of the Rings way back in 1885/6 when Citadel held the licence.  I'm surprised that I have kept him unpainted for so long!  Upon investigation on the Stuff of Legends site, I found that I have collected most of the figures in the seres and still have them! Here is a link to the  fellowship of the ring boxed set from which Bill came from.

'Barney' the Donkey and cart do not keep the same illustrious company as Bill.  They are about 21 years old. Originally, the cart came with a coachman with some outlandish blunderbuss, whom I still have tucked away in a box somewhere.  It is a great looking cart that can fit many periods.  Barney and the coachman (picture at the bottom of page)
Barney and Cart

As an aside, here is a stand from immortal's plastic Greeks set.  They are a lovely kit and a challenge to paint.  The waterslide transfers are very good.

Immortal Greeks


  1. Very nice, I like the wagon, it's an odd shape.

  2. You are right, no army looks complete without some baggage (at least when parading on the table: during a game, may depend upon the period, rules, context, 'scenario' if any and 'size' of the battle: almost compulsory in 19th C. 'Colonial' encounters, generally left 'off table' in H&M *big battles*). Both your baggage elements look good and are nostalgia-bearing veterans.

  3. Excellent jobs, all of them. Old Bill and his mate will add lustre to the table to be sure. The Hoplites look good as well.