Sunday, January 2, 2011


Now here is a real treasure from the archive's of wargaming's past. These are original old 25mm Ancient Gaul Minifigs ca.1970. They are part of a collection that belonged to an old friend which he had discarded years ago. I found them a few years ago in some disrepair at the bottom of a box full of books and rescued them. There are over 100 infantry, 50 cavalry and 15 Chariots. All are painted in classic wargames style i.e. with Humbrol paint, basic colors and many with gloss paint. 40 years ago these were state of the art in the wargames world and I recall seeing these fellows used many times on the table playing the original WRG Ancient rules - that is before the multitude of mind numbing amendments and WRG Editions began! I recently began to clean up these old fellows and rebase them so I can use them as a "cannon fodder" army for dark age and ancient battles using a set of rules I have written. It is plain to see that Wargames miniatures have come a long way since the days of these figures, but perhaps mostly for nostalgic reasons they still have their own charm. You also have to remember that with a hot dice they fight just as well if not better than the very flashiest of the modern day 28mm-30mm miniatures.

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  1. Very nice. I like the look of minifigs still. They have a certain simplicity and charm. You have inspired me to dig out some of my old ones lying around. I think I have a pretty good collection of the valley of four winds and early D&D ones!