Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is the completed stand of the command group for Wheat's 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Vols. The 25mm figures are from left to right: Dixon, Foundry converted from a British Crimean War officer -added a Redoubt head, Sash and Saber Zouave officer, Sash and Saber Zouave painted as a Tiger. I am painting up 11 stands for this regiment based on Fire and Fury Regimental rules one stand equals 40 men. I have two companies to do -four stands- before I finish this battalion then I will do the 4th South Carolina. At 1st Bull Run/Manassas the 4th SC and Wheat's Battalion were brigaded together along with two guns and two companies of cavalry under Nathaniel Evans. The cavalry was detached for duties elsewhere on the battlefield but the infantry and guns -about 900 men- stood their ground at Matthews Hill where they held up the advance of Burnside and Porters brigades -3000 + men- for more than one hour. This was when Wheat's boys launched their famous Bowie knife charge against the Yankees and despite not actually making contact caused enough angst amongst the Union ranks to slow down their advance significantly. Wheat was shot through both lungs during the contest for Matthews Hill. Pronounced a mortal wound by the surgeons he told them he "did not feel like dying yet" and went on to recover. The colors carried as the battalion colors that day were the colors of the Delta Rangers -company D. This was determined by lot prior to the battle. The Delta Rangers colors were the Confederate 1st National colors with eight stars. They were carried in the battle by Lieutenant Austin Eastman.

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