Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York's Finest - the 5th

The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry had a distinguished two year service in the civil war.  They were present at the first land action of the war and proved their worth with a charge at Big Bethel.  No other Union regiment sustained as many casualties in a single day's battle as the 5th (120 men killed or mortally wounded in 7 minutes at the Second Bull Run). The 5th had a reputation of 'elite' status, being comprised of well educated men, of whom around 80% were born in America.  They were mostly from Manhattan.  Commanded by Abram Duryee a skilled and relentless drillmaster, demonstrated courage under fire and epitomised the ideals of the regiment. After the regiment's term of service expired after Chancellorsville, the 5th NY returned to a parade down Broadway. The New York Times reported " The men were brown and rugged; their colours were weather stained and bullet torn; their uniforms were tattered and stained with Virginia mud and the smoke of hard fought conflicts. They looked magnificent."
The 'Magnificent Duryee's 5th New York Zouaves
Above is a quick snap of the 5th NY I have just painted.  The figures are from Mark Fenlon Miniatures and were an absolute pleasure to paint.  The picture doesn't do them justice!


  1. Bravo...Bravo..Zou..Zou...Zou...Zouave! Great painting, they have come up a real treat!

  2. lovely mate, they came up a treat, I am excited that the Fenlons are now back on the market, I need some more guns and cavalry myself, I also heard the new owner is sculting the dismounted cavalry and more generals finally!