Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roberdeau Wheat Leads his Tigers forward into battle!

Here is a photo of the figure I converted to represent Maj. Chatham Roberdeau Wheat the commander of the 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Vols. I was stumped how to adequately depict Wheat in miniature as he had a distinctive appearance being 6'4" tall and weighing 18 stone (252lb-114kg). I was looking everywhere for a figure that was a tad bigger than the normal 28mm types. Eventually I found the old Tradition 30mm range and purchased an officer from their ACW line. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised when the figure arrived and it was just right - not too tall but certainly tall enough to tower over any figure put next to it. I replaced the head with a more expressive Dixon head and using green stuff made brass shoulder scales and added a sash. Wheat wore the uniform of a field grade officer of the Louisiana army at 1st Manassas-Bull Run. This was a red kepi suitably embellished with lace, dark blue frock coat and trousers, brass shoulder scales, and a buff/gold colored General officers sash which was not regulation but which Wheat wore in recognition of his service as a General in the Mexican and Nicaraguan armies. I am very pleased with the figure and although perhaps a little lean for Wheat it will do the job nicely. Lets hope this miniature Wheat can lead his miniature Tigers to glory on many a tabletop battlefield.

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