Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Eureka 28mm Selous Scout Mini

Eureka Miniatures is about to release 28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry. These are superb figures. Amongst the selection is one figure of a Selous Scout. I received a batch of these new figures on Tuesday and set to work painting the Selous Scout. This is a beautiful figure and a magnificent representation of a Scout in miniature. The figure is sculpted in very typical Scout attire - T shirt and shorts with sandals. His weapon is an SLR and he has one water canteen and a chest ammo pouch rig. The authenticity of this figure is first class and reminds me very much of the most renowned Scout Chris Schulenberg who was bearded and wore sandals in the bush. I painted the figure partially 'blacked up' which was a technique the Rhodesian Special Forces used to conceal their identities from afar. Rhodesian weapons were frequently cam painted. This is a magnificent miniature and a delight to paint. I can't wait to paint up my collection of "The Saints" RLI and will post pictures as soon as I do.

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