Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Flights of Fantasy

Brother Brian the mad messianic monk from a long running early medieval campaign ~ a Reaper figure. The golden hand on a pole is Brian's icon. The hand has a story attached to it that goes back to the very first days of the campaign during the early 1980s! Reaper make wonderful miniatures and they are a delight to paint. As you can see from the following images I have quite a few of them.

The Dark Lord has harsh words with a recalcitrant Yeti! The Dark Lord is a Games Workshop figure. I am not sure where the Yeti came from, but I enjoyed painting him.

One ugly Orc! A Reaper figure.

A "beautiful" Reaper Ettin.

A Yeti confronting some hapless peasant! "Leave my sheep alone!"

Brother Impious ~ fear naught!

Brother Raggius ~ woe be unto the sinful!

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  1. Brother Brian is a great looking mini. Reaper figures really are in a class of their own when it comes to fantasy!