Friday, September 17, 2010

Ancient Greeks - old and new

"Because we fight close to the enemy." King Agesilaos when asked why their swords were so short.
Here is the beginnings of my Spartan Army which I have been adding to for some time now. Originally I was thinking of getting together 300.  It is a somewhat eclectic collection of figures from many ranges and ages. Featured are figures from Hinchcliffe, Ral Partha, Foundry, Immortal, Essex and some other unknown brands. They are largely being based to play Field of Glory, but I have based some individually, until I decide what to do with them.  I have another 60 odd figures to paint from Wargames foundry and Immortal Miniatures along with some Persians. I was only halted in my painting efforts by a crisis in confidence- did I really want a Spartan army or another city state??  This happenned because I read the excellent booklet which came with the plastic box kit form immortal miniatures which is one of the best accounts of Ancient Greek armour and and uniforms that I have seen. Recent works on my Union ACW has also slowed things down a bit too!
The General
A Base of Foundry Hoplites
A Hero with a Trident!!!??
A hinchcliffe musician.  Pretty basic sculpt but a paint job makes a difference!
Comparison of makes: Foundry (L) Immortal (C) Ral Partha (R)
Ral Partha Hoplites from the late 70s!
Essex Slingers

Essex Crossbowmen
 "Either with it or upon it." Spartan mothers to their sons in regards to their shields.

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