Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Teacher: Why did the Romans build straight roads?
Pupil: So their soldiers didn't go around the bend!

Here are my efforts over summer.  Im still painting Gladiators, but I have begun assembling an early Imperial Army contingent just in case I play Hail Caesar one day!
They are mostly based on Warlords Box sets.  I have painted up the Roman Legionary set, the Veterans kit and the Auxiliaries box set.  Funnily, the Auxiliaries are bigger in size than the Legionaries.  They were great to paint too.  I have based all figures on 40mm x 40mm bases.  Im looking to add another couple of units, but will have to wait until they arrive in the mail!  I was using a different camera today and backgrounds, so some of the results are not quite as good as normal.

Thumbs down! 

Go get them!

The Relentless Gladiator trainer

A bit of light entertainment. For the wolves.....

These were great figures to paint.  Old Citadel wolves!

Eureka Romans.   These brutes are 28mm Heroic scale (about the same as Reaper)
They are great figures.  I wish I had more!

Warlord Auxiliaries

Warlord Auxiliaries again

An old Hinchcliffe Ballista, manned by two Warlord Plastics

Warlord Plastic Legionaries

Warlord Plastic Legionaries

Warlord Plastic Veterans

Warlord Plastic Veterans

A stand of Black Tree Romans.  

Another Stand of Black Tree Romans (Sans Capes)