Saturday, January 28, 2012


26 - 28 January saw the advent of Cancon Australia's premier wargames convention. More than 700 gamers gathered playing a host of different games as well as many traders. Several thousand people also attended, many to buy, others to play in participation games or just to watch. I ran a participation game of the Alamo for the three days which went very well. We played five Alamo games, the Texians winning one and the Mexicans being victorious in the others. The mix of games being played was vast with historical games, fantasy and Sci-Fi, boardgames and card games all present. It was a really good three days and credit to those who organized it. If you are ever in Canberra over the Australia Day weekend (26 January) make sure you visit Cancon, it is well worth it.

My Alamo game

Sci-Fi urban combat game.

A really big and impressive FOW Stalingrad game.

FOW game - one of many.

Might and Reason SYW game.

FOG Renaissance game.

More Flames of War - lots and lots of players in the FOW competition.

War of 1812 game.

6mm Borodino - very impressive!


  1. what a spectacle! The 6mm game looks like a cracker! The Alamo is such a good looking game. Well done to all those involved in putting it together. A sure sign of a healthy hobby culture here in Australia!

  2. Great pics, though I cant believe you didn't get any of our Dark Ages game right next to you! Great to meet and chat with you.

  3. I did take some of your great Dark Ages game Paul, but there were so many photos I took and these are only a sample.