Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid War Panzer battalion and attached tiger company

The second panzer battalion, mostly PzwIII and IV. This often was the  regiment in 1943 and represents the fact that for an extended time the 1st Panzer battalion was tied up converting to panthers..
This group is all plastic  and includes kits from Matchbox(now Revell), Hasegawa and Esci.. All numbered and stowed and mostly crewed..
This lot were done up for a big Kursk like game...those panzer IVs worked overtime that day.
This posting is for my childhood mate Chris Edwards,the first person I ever knew  who talked about Kursk...we must have been 10 at the time ,nearly 50 years ago..

1.HQ,including flammpanzer III

2. 5th company

3.6th Company

8th Company 

4.7th Company, including a captured T-34

5. attached tiger company

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  1. You really know how to paint tanks brilliantly. Kudos!