Friday, January 29, 2016

Homecast C18th Wargames army

Here are photos of my homecast 35mm C18th army as it currently stands. All the the figures are 35mm from toe to top of head. I have just finished making masters for artillery gunners, a Grenadier (Austrian style) and begun work on a Cavalry Trooper. I need to make a General or two as well. The figures on the left of the line are the extra stands that resulted from me reducing the numbers of figures in a Regiment from 32 to 24. I will touch up the figures with a dab of paint here and there, add some standards and there will be another three regiments fit for service. I am looking forward to using these with the Honours of War rules.
This is the 'Daniels' Regiment painted to the colors given to me by a wargames buddy whose names just happens to be Daniels. The regiment has its priest with it as they are a sanctimonious lot. The Priest is a Redoubt figure from their Three Musketeer line. It just happened to be the right scale for my minis.

 I made the original masters for these minis back in 1983, it was my first experiment with milliput.
 Same again only a French Regiment.

The 'Williams' Regiment in the colors given to me by another wargaming buddy whose name of course is Williams.


  1. Very impressive, you will,enjoy Honours of War. Looking forward to seeing the cavalry

  2. Fantastic job and terrific colors, excellent!

  3. Wow! From 1983 - these look great - well done. If find Milliput harder to use than Green Stuff; not like I can sculpt anywhere near your skills.