Sunday, January 10, 2016

Some More Flights of Fantasy

It's been a while between posts.  I've been cleaning out the figures box, trying to get some of the old gems painted up.  Here's a few 28mm fantasy bits and pieces from a variety of sources.  Sorry for the photo quality- they were taken on the mobile phone.

Old Citadel High Elf Conversion
Citadel High Elf made from bits and pieces
Black tree pilgrims and priests
Barbarian from unknown maker
Very old Citadel LOTR figure - Beorn 
Crazy eyed Sorceress- Unknown maker
Old Citadel AD&D 3 stage Illusionist.   Painting the robes was great fun!
Adventurer- Unknown maker
Adventurer- Unknown maker
Magic User- Unknown maker
Female warrior- Unknown maker
Wood Elf - Citadel 
Wood Elf - Citadel 


  1. Nice job.
    That's why wargamers never throw anything away.

  2. Excellent work Marc - lovely minis.