Tuesday, February 9, 2016

28mm General Sterling Price Missouri State Guard

Here is a conversion I have just done. It’s Sterling Price Confederate General and commander of the Missouri State Guard in 1861. I have depicted 'Pap' Price, as he was known, in civilian clothes as he appeared at the battle of Wilson's Creek 10 August 1861. I intend to paint up a couple of brigades of Missouri State Guards who like their commander did not generally wear military uniform in the early stages of the war. The first photo below is of the original Front Rank mini of the mounted Napoleonic Gentleman from which the 'Pap' Price was made. I used Milliput to make the hat and extend the coat. 


  1. Great paint job, and this first picture is a masterpiece!

  2. A superior paint and modification job on old General Price. There's a new book out on his failed raid in 1864 and I wonder if it will have any illustrations? I can't see how any artist's rendering can be better than your figure!

  3. Great sculpting and painting. The horse is beautiful.