Friday, December 28, 2012

Napoleonic Chess Set

Here are some pictures of a project that has been on the slow burn for some time.  I purchased a set of Prince August Napoleonic Chess set moulds from eBay some time ago.  It can be risky buying moulds second hand sometimes as you don't know how much they have been used.  Turns out that these had been used a bit. I would recommend buying new to save a lot of grief from Moulds at the end of their life can be a bit less reliable in their casting and it can take multiple tries to get a figure will all the detail required. Determined to get a set cast, I persevered.  The British side was cast and painted first.  Later I begun the French and ran into frustration casting Josephine and the two knights.  When I finally got decent casts, I placed them in the 'to do' box and moved on to other projects.  The Christmas break is a a great time to tie up loose ends and motivation to complete the set prevailed.  Now that I have finished, I am quite pleased with the result.  Both sides look good all together and will provide hours of entertainment. This is the fourth Prince August Chess set I have completed and I'm wondering which will be my next!

Wooden boxes with glass window found at the local 'reject' shop provide the perfect case when fitted out with foam inserts

Both sides boxed

The French

Close up of the Pawns (Imperial Guard)

The Glory boys- the Rook, Knight and Bishop

Close up of Napoleon (King), Josephine (Queen) and a bishop

The British

Close up of the Pawns

The Rook, Knight and Bishop

A picture of the knight, Bishop, Wellington and the Mrs!

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