Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here is Brother Brian the terror of all unbelievers and heretics. Brian first appeared in a medieval campaign some buddies and I ran thirty years ago set in the mythical realm of Neustria. Brian led an army of peasants against the corrupt Lords who ruled the lands and made a thorough pest of himself. Eventually Brian was assailed by all the Lords around him and he retreated into the mountains where he established a stronghold called Brion. From there his acolytes launched raids against the evil that Brian preached had ensnared the outside world. The campaign has been resurrected briefly a few times over the years and Brian is still a feature of it. Legend has it that Brian is still in his mountain fastness, awaiting the time when he will lead his avenging disciples down into the valleys to cleanse the world of corruption and those who have strayed from the true path. The figure is a Reaper figure and great one it is too. The golden hand on the staff is the symbol of Brian. It refers to an incident in the early campaign when a city was at the point of being overrun by enemies and a monk named Edmund ran forward, severed his left hand and threw it at the invaders. The players who were defending the city then drew one card from a full deck of cards to see if they survived. The card they had to draw to survive was the two of hearts - and they did! It was a miracle - truly - and the invading hordes fled in terror. Since that day the severed left hand of Edmund became the symbol of Brian and is carried at the head of his hosts when they sally out to do battle.   

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  1. Nice figure, I like the character's background. It reminds me somewhat of Gautier Sans-Avoir who led a hord of peasants and ragged knights, in a desastrous prelude to the First Crusade. His undisciplined followers were severly defeated by the Seldjuk Turks, and he got his head severed...