Saturday, November 27, 2010

None Can Resist the Highland Charge of Montrose's Highland Rabble and Gentlemen!

Here are some images below of the highland lads who joined with Montrose to give him a hand defending the highlands (and lowlands) from the protestant Covenanters.  These boys probably were'nt worried about religious differences as much as taking up the opportunity to give the Campbell Clan a good kicking.  Armed with an array of weapons, both improvised and manufactured, the sight of these wild and hairy men bearing down upon you with their lochamber axes, claymores and anyting else at hand would have made the most stoic of faith question their convictions to the cause!
Old Glory Highland Rabble.
Wargames Foundry Highland Gentlemen
There's nothing 'gentle' about these lads though!
Stop! Stop! -you brutes! This Foppish highland fodder is made by Essex  with a Warlord plastic mount.
*On the painting table- My Montrose Scots army is coming along well (now that I am back from the USA)- The Irish Brigade are near completion along with Some Scots Lancers.   

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  1. Och tis a wee brit nick t'noot with these laddies. Scarse gorse any Campbell dog th' shinnies their way ... hoot man!