Monday, November 22, 2010


In 1983 I started pottering around with Milliput and made some masters for 35mm early C18th infantry. I then made some drop cast moulds and cast a score or so figures, painted them and then for the next twenty or so years did nothing more. In late 2008 I decided to finally do something about this, dug out the moulds and started casting again. I now have eight 32 figure regiments, four Allied and four French. This is an ongoing project. I am currently working on remastering the infantry and have the beginnings of a mounted cavalry man. I need to make gunners for the Price August guns I have. Once these new masters are done I will make drop cast moulds for them and cast them myself. It is an excellent way to recycle all that useless unpainted lead we all have. I must admit I do enjoy doing this. It is one way to be completely independent of the hyper commercialized fad driven 'industry' the hobby seems to have become today. I have been accused by some of being 'obsessed', I have no arguments with this so here are some pictures of my Glorious Obsession.


  1. ah TZ have likned it to the NPU

  2. Keep going with the "obsession", they look great, I love the look of big armies...whatever period and good on ya for fighting back at the commercialization of our hobby. :-)

  3. bravo! A fine obsession indeed! I would love to see them on the wargames table. You may need to brace the legs to hold the weight!