Sunday, November 28, 2010

69th New York at 1st Bull Run.

Here are some 28mm Redoubt Miniatures painted as the 69th NY at 1st Bull Run. The flags they are carrying are the ones they carried at that battle. The Green flag is the "Prince of Wales" flag presented to the regiment for refusing to parade in honour of the visiting Prince of Wales during his visit to NY City. This was similar in style but different in detail to the flags later carried by the 69th NY and other members of the Irish Brigade. During the battle several color bearers carrying the POW flag were shot down and it was ordered that the flag be furled as it was attracting undue attention. The order was refused! At 1st Bull Run it was a very hot day and the regiment had ditched its coats and gone into battle wearing shirts or even bare chested. Finding a figure to represent a bare chested soldier is a challenge, but I would like to find, or even make one.

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