Sunday, October 3, 2010

Latest 54mm ACW Minis

Just finished off these 54mm fellows tonight. They are from Black Cat Miniatures. Nice clean figures to put together and they paint up well. I now have twenty of these fellows painted and based. I need to do a command stand and have the figures for this. I need to paint up a 54mm Yankee regiment now!


  1. What a great scale. The detail is incredible. Are you basing them for reg. Fire and fury?

  2. I am basing them on 60 x 100 6mm MDF bases. four figures to a base. This will let me use them for Regimental F&F as well as any other set of rules I devise. I am collecting scenery as I go. I found some nice 54mm snake fences and have bought an old Xmas tree to cut up and use as trees. I saw this done at a Convention and the result looked quite effective.