Friday, October 22, 2010

iNdluyengwe Regiment finished - the first Zulu Regiment!

This is the iNdluyengwe Regiment - the first one I have finished for the Isandlwana game using Wargames Factory 28mm hard plastic Zulus. iNdluyengwe numbered about 1000 men and was present at Isandlwana. This was the regiment discovered by the British scouts as it rested in a ravine. These lads had some muskets and after the battle chased the fleeing British and eventually contributed snipers to the Oscarberg which overlooked Rorkes Drift.

By the way I received the box of 40 packets of Zulus from Wargames Factory yesterday. It is a bloody big box with a lot of sprues in it.


  1. good luck with the project mate.


  2. How many months do you think it will take? How many British are there?

  3. Its all planned for Jan 2012. There are 48 British infantry, about 20 mounted fellows and 25 NNC on foot. That's enough to deal with those Zulus ruffians Sir!