Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boppo and The Ringmaster

Here are Boppo the Head Hunting clown and the Ringmaster of the Circus of Death. I made these 28mm figures several years ago as part of a never realised project by a well known miniature figure company to produce figures for a "Circus of Death". Boppo is a happy little chap who hides a grim trophy behind his back, while the Ringmaster, well he is just nasty!


  1. I think i work for the ringmaster. Or maybe it is boppo!

  2. lovely mate, did they ever go into production moulds?


  3. The whole project was a non event. I did my figures and there were some clowns waving machetes riding unicycles done by another sculptor. I do have some Boppos and Ringmasters unpainted on hand if you are interested.